Helping Retrenched Staff Recover

Retrenchment in today's job climate, it is not only possible, it is unfortunately likely to happen to most employees at at least once in their careers. 

Why is it then, when it is such a common occurrence, do those employees faced with retrenchment feel so inadequate and rejected?  Why do those left behind feel so unsure of their future and angry with the company and why do the managers who are tasked with presenting the bad news feel so guilty.

Could it be the reason that this is such a traumatic experience for everyone involved is because there are so few options available to those companies and managers who want to do something to help the staff that they are retrenching.

Well, at last all that is changing.

Jobfishing is now offering Jobseeker training and coaching especially designed for those who are undergoing or have recently been retrenched.

This training and coaching is designed to empower the jobseeker by motivating them and helping them gain the skills and tools needed to get out there and successfully land gainful employment in the shortest possible time.

The form of this training and/or coaching depends on the companies needs.  At Jobfishing, we are flexible with regards to our offer and therefore our pricing.  We can cater for one delegate in the form of one-on-one coaching or a group of delegates in the form of a half or full day training seminar.  We can even offer a combination of both of these. 

Should you wish to know more about how we can assist your company with this process please drop us a line via the form below and we will contact you and discuss your specific requirements.

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