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Fishing with Dynamite.

Have you ever seen what happens if a stick of dynamite is thrown into a pond?  If there are any fish in the pond, a few seconds later, they will float to the surface dead.  Everything from tiny minnows, to great big fish, succumb to the blast and die.

It is a good way to catch fish …. but it is illegal.  The reason it is illegal is simple - it is indiscriminate.  It kills all fish, of all varieties and sizes.  It leaves that pond devoid of all life for a very long time.  You may end up with lots of fish, but they are all dead and what good is that?

Just this week, I heard of a candidate who had sent out over 200 applications for a variety of jobs, and had no success.  I couldn’t help but think that this is a little like fishing with dynamite.  We can safely assume that she must have done something wrong seeing as though she has had little to no response.  Now the problem is that she has blasted the waters.   She is going to battle to fish in those waters again.  No only that, but she has made it more difficult for the rest of the candidates too.  

This is why it is so important to make sure that before you even start sending out CVs and applying for jobs you make sure that you have your approach right.  You MUST have a very good CV, you should know what you want, you need to make sure that with each and every application or CV that goes out you include a custom covering letter.  Do your homework on the company and the vacancy they have.  Personalise emails and practice your telephone approach and interview skills.  Basically study all the advice on this website so that you can make that first impression count.

I believe in the catch and release method of fishing.  You catch what you need to feed yourself and your family and release the rest in a good state of health.  Furthermore, you make sure that you leave the fishing spot clean for those who come after you.  The same principle applies when looking for a job.

Tight lines.

Lloyd Dicks
Jobfishing Coach.

Lloyd Dicks

Founder of the JobFishing website.  After many years contracting in IT roles, in South Africa and abroad, Lloyd has spent the last 5 years in the recruitment and selection business.  He is currently Sales Director of Star Personnel Recruitment (Pty) Ltd.  While very much still  involved in the recruitment of top IT staff, Lloyd is also a Job Coach and Trainer.  

Ask Lloyd a question at the Career Coach section of this website.


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