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Training Fleas.

Do you know how to train a flea?  It is actually pretty easy.  You catch a flea and put it in a glass, and then very quickly you put a book over the top of the glass.  (Beware, 'cause if you are not fast enough, the flea will jump out and escape).  Now, if you study the glass, you will notice that the flea will jump and hit its head on the book.  This will go on for quite some time, until eventually the flea’s self preservation will kick in and you will notice that although it will continue to jump it will no longer be hitting the book.  Look carefully and you will notice that the flea will jump just short of the top of the glass.  At this stage you can remove the book, and the flea will continue to jump, but it will not be able to jump out.  You will have trained your flea.

The same thing happens to us as jobseekers.  We allow other people to train us not to reach our full potential.  We send out a CVs and get turned down.  The next time we don't try as hard.  Eventually after enough times we begin to accept failure as the norm.  We are allowing our self-preservation to kick in and we are jumping just short of the job.  This is a vicious trap, because with every jump we make from then on, we are teaching ourselves that this is the best we can do, and every time, we just get the same response.   

Maybe it is a bad economy that has placed the book on our glass, maybe it is our education or our experience.  Whatever it is, I guarantee that if you just do things differently, you can jump out of the glass.   

I therefore challenge you to give it just that little bit extra effort.  Do those extra few things that we have spoken about so often on this site, and before you know it you will jump clean into a great job.

Good luck.

Lloyd Dicks
Jobfishing Coach.

Lloyd Dicks

Founder of the JobFishing website.  After many years contracting in IT roles, in South Africa and abroad, Lloyd has spent the last 5 years in the recruitment and selection business.  He is currently Sales Director of Star Personnel Recruitment (Pty) Ltd.  While very much still  involved in the recruitment of top IT staff, Lloyd is also a Job Coach and Trainer.  

Ask Lloyd a question at the Career Coach section of this website.


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