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E-Recruitment Websites - Where to submit your CV online.
CV Compilation Services - Who will draw up a CV for you.

E-Recruitment Websites:
An E-Recruitment website is a portal that allows employers and recruitment agencies to advertise job vacancies.  The site is designed to allow you as a job seeker to apply for positions and post your CV to the database.  This database can then be searched by the recruitment consultants.

You should never post your CV on a site that allows employers (non-recruitment agencies) to search the database.  This is a huge confidentiality breach and could embarrass you in your current/future employment.

We recommend the following e-recruitment sites.


Pnet is one of the leading e-recruitment websites.  Candidates get to view and search through thousands of Job Opportunities.  Apply for a specific job, or leave your CV online where recruitment agencies can find them.  We highly recommend Pnet as South Africa's top e-recruitment site. 

Free to use for all candidates. 

SMS JobMatch

SMS JobMatch acts as a facilitator between job seekers looking for jobs, and Recruitment Agencies (RA) looking for job seekers for the jobs that they have on offer. RA's simply enter the system with details of jobs, and job seekers enter their criteria for the jobs they seek. When a match of job and job seeker criteria is found, the system will automatically send an SMS to the job seeker with the contact details of the RA that has the matching job. The job seeker must then contact the RA that has the job and the traditional placement process will progress from there.

Jobseekers pay R30 per 10 Job SMS's that are sent to them.

(We are evaluating this company - if you have feedback on this service, please let us know - Many thanks)
Free to use for all candidates.

CV Compilation Services:
If you look on the back page of most or the Job Supplements of the newspapers you will usually find companies offering to draw up a CV for you.  These companies should charge you between R100 - R150 (depending on the number of jobs you have had). 

We recommend the following CV Compilation Services

Star CV Services

Tel: 021 4230160 (Speak to Ronel)
63 Strand Street, Cape Town.