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The following are some articles of interests to jobseekers.

Title Author Date Added
No one can do it for you. Lloyd Dicks 7 March 2007
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you... Lloyd Dicks 25 July 2006
Can a past salary be standing in your way? (can you be too expensive?) Lloyd Dicks 3 April 2006
Recruitment agencies must disclose company name. Lloyd Dicks 23 Jan 2006
Don't count on Counter Offers Lloyd Dicks 8 November 2005
Training Fleas Lloyd Dicks 25 October 2005
Fishing with Dynamite Lloyd Dicks 22 September 2005
When good jobs go bad Ray Dicks 15 January 2005
This one is for the Matrics of 2004 Lloyd Dicks 8 December 2004
Coping with Retrenchment Ray Dicks 4 November 2004
Perspective Lloyd Dicks 21 October 2004
Stolen Kisses (Covering Letters) Lloyd Dicks 6 September 2004
You've got mail...(Using e-mail effectively) Lloyd Dicks 26 July 2004
Dealing with Recruitment Agencies (Part 1) Lloyd Dicks 05 July 2004
What employers want! Lloyd Dicks 29 June 2004
People don't buy things... Lloyd Dicks 15 June 2004
What's the matter with a thank you? Lloyd Dicks 14 June 2004
Voordat jy in nuwe werk soek Ray Dicks 11 June 2004
How to construct a winning CV. Ray Dicks 10 June 2004
Check your bait Lloyd Dicks 01 June 2004

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