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The Good News Network

Part of the problem so many jobseekers remain unemployed is simply because they have run out of hope of ever finding employment.  This section of the JobFishing website is dedicated to giving back that hope.  

The truth is that there is plenty of good news out there.  There are plenty of Job Opportunities being created every day.  There are literally thousands of success stories.  It is simply that no one is telling us about it.  These pages are here to bring you the good news about developments that are creating job opportunities for us all.

Take the time to read through some of them and recharge your batteries.

If you have an article or news clipping that you can share with us.  Please send it here.

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Public Works' Million-Job Target BrandSA newsletter Guy Lundy
SA government launches job-creation initiatives... target to employ a million people within the first five years of its implementation. (Read more)

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